Catalysts Arise!

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Catalysts Arise!

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I heard something when I was praying, but it is so far beyond my understanding. I mean I don’t comprehend exactly what I heard, so if I say the wrong thing, it is because I have no idea what I am talking about.  Earlier today, or yesterday I heard the word ‘catalyst’.  And, I heard it a couple of times, and I thought, well I will look it up because I don’t know what a catalyst is.  I have heard the word before, but I just didn’t understand what it is.  And, so when we were praying and I was inviting Holy Spirit to give me a word, I heard that word again, but in a different form.  This time I heard, “Be a catalyst”.  And then, to expand on that a bit, “To those that are to be catalysts among us, now is time to be a catalyst”!

And, this is the part that, I am sorry it is so far past what I understand about chemicals.  My husband, Mr. Brain, should be the person giving this word!

There are chemical substances that are very stable and they never change.  They remain in their original form unless they are introduced to a substance that initiates a change.  Otherwise, they remain the same. Nothing changes.

Ok, now I am going to have to say, this is what I believe I heard, as clear as I can understand it. That God is raising up some ‘catalysts’ among us, who- in fully becoming who He created them to be- will bring radical, explosive change in a rapid manner.

What came to my mind is something that may or may not be scientifically right. But what came to my mind, was nitro and glycerin.  And, I wrote that glycerin by itself is harmless.  I don’t know that nitro is a catalyst, I have no idea, but that is what came to my mind.  That the nitro is the catalyst, and when they come together, everything changes.

And so, because I was way out of my pay grade just even writing that down, I whipped out the dictionary to get more clarification and understanding.

I looked up the word ‘catalyst’ and it said, “a substance that alters the rate of a chemical reaction”. And, nitro is usually formed with other compounds I guess, but nitro is an organic compound containing a radical –N02.  And glycerin is a glycerol, which is an industrial chemical used as a raw material for the manufacture of nitro-glycerin.

What came to my mind is that both substances are needed, and that the substances, or compound, chemical (representing people) that are the catalysts, know they are catalysts. They might not act like catalysts.  They might not look like catalysts.  They might not have ever experienced what it is like to function as a catalyst, but deep down inside they know.

And so, I felt like the word was: “To the catalysts (and you will know who you are) among us, it is now time to be a catalyst”!

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