The Heart of Nashville

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The Heart of Nashville

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I love this city. I was born near the heart of the city and it has always had a huge place in my heart.

I cannot, even if I tried, estimate the enormous number of images I have taken of this city. I boggles my mind, and continually challenges my husband’s ability to supply enough hard drive space on the computer to maintain and accommodate them all.

It seems that when I was a photographer, if there was a subject I was interested in, I would literally take hundreds of images until I finally captured them the way I saw them in my head. Maybe thousands. The last favorite camera I had, a Sony DSC-H5, has one foot in the trash bin. When the shutter button finally gave up the ghost, believe it or not, I taped an actual button- like the kind you wear on a shirt- in its place. I simply could not imagine replacing that camera that had captured so many images so well for me. It would have been photographic unfaithfulness!

But, I digress. I mentioned Nashville because I would venture a guess to say that next to macro floral images, the Nashville skyline and other locations in Nashville and the surrounding areas populate the majority of my image archives.

Nashville is a special city, even for a non-musician such as myself. Hordes of people come here to find fame and fortune in the music business, many of whom stay and invest themselves in an entirely different career. And, oddly enough, many native Nashvillians leave the city for pursuits in other places in the US. I like to say that I am one off the few Nashvillians who stayed!

As you have probably already noticed, there is an image gallery in the Soap Box entitled, “A Taste of Nashville”.  It has just a few images that have captured my fancy. Just know that for each one you see, there are many, many more! In the coming days, I will be posting more image slideshows which will be on a variety of subjects and I will be sure to include quite of few of my favorite place on earth.

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