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Pray Like This

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(Jesus said) "Therefore you must be praying in this way:"

Our Father

Not my Father, but our Father.  We are not individuals, but a part of a corporate body.  No longer “I”, but now “we”.  Who we are only makes sense in relation to our connection to the greater body of Christ.

Who is in the heavens:

Our Father does not reside on the Earth.  He makes His home in Heaven.  Residents there recognize Him for Who He is, and reverently respond to Him accordingly.

Your Name must at once be made holy:

Our Father has a Name.  He is not an unknown god.  He is the Great God of all that is, both seen and unseen.  He greatly desires to be known, not as a faceless entity, but for Who He is.  So much so that He shared His personal Name with all who would boldly respond to His invitation to be known.  His is the Name that transcends every name.  At the declaration of His Name, every knee will bow.  No exceptions.  Now, or later.  Father, Your Name is made holy only by those who truly know You.

Your Kingdom must now come:

Our Father is King.  He is the King of all kings, in the sense that even those who hold lofty positions on the Earth find themselves gladly prostrated at His feet in the dust.  Mighty King!  Sovereign King!  Whose Kingdom encompasses all that ever has been and all that ever will be.  Unquestionable, majestic Ruler of everything, everywhere, forever.  Your Kingdom must come immediately in me so all who know me can recognize you as King!

Your will must be done right now,

Your will.  Your desire.  Your preference.  Your longing. The things Your heart longs for must immediately come to be!  Right now!  Your will.  Your way.  Let it be done without delay!

As in Heaven also on Earth:

In Heaven the only will there belongs to You!  Everyone and everything there delights to do what pleases You. There, the atmosphere is continually filled with words and songs of praise and worship to you, dear Father.  Let it be done the same here on Earth. Continually.  May the border that separates Heaven from Earth dissolve in Your glory.

You must now give us today the things necessary for our existence:

Because of our covenant with You, our Father and King, we desire everything that is appropriated to us through that blessed covenant, as we obey Your Word and gladly comply with all of Your terms of the covenant.  We are continually blessed to be in covenant relationship to you.  You, our Father- we, Your children.  Inheriting all.

You must right now forgive our sins for us in the same manner as we have completed forgiving everyone of everything, big and little, against us:

After we have forgiven every offense from every offender, we rest in the reality that Your forgiveness awaits us and almost overtakes us- as it were- as we forgive.  Forgive others we must, forgive others we will.  Quickly.  Gladly.  A wave of forgiveness from our hearts to others is the precursor of a mighty wave of forgiveness from Your own mighty heart washing over us like a holy tsunami.

And do not lead us into temptation,

As we cling to You tenaciously, let us prove to You by our faithfulness that no test is needed to prove our love and joyful obedience to You.  We close our eyes to that which can tempt us, and in the same moment we see Your face and are filled with wonder.

But You must now rescue us from the evil one.

Covenant defines our enemies as Yours.  You will oppose those who would oppose us to our harm.  Rescue us speedily, Father King!  We are Yours!  Come and possess Your possessions!  Defend!  Protect!  Deliver!  Preserve what belongs to You alone!

For Yours is the Kingdom

You are the only true King.  Beside You, there are only mere kings.  Yours is the only true Kingdom.  All other kingdoms are powerless counterfeits.  Only Yours, O Father King, is THE Kingdom!  The only authentic Kingdom.

And the power

You reign and rule with pure, raw, holy power!  It belongs only to You!  To You be honor forever, for Power, true Power resides in You alone.

And the glory

The very atmosphere of Heaven is the glory that surrounds You!  Pure and holy glory permeates everything and everyone You touch.  Glory is the byproduct of Your holiness.  It surrounds Your throne, and accompanies You everywhere You go.  Your glory, O Mighty King, decorates Heaven with Your beauty.  O, so decorate the Earth!


Never ending.  Past.  Present.  Future.  Eternally, perpetually continuing.


Without Question.  Without Doubt.  Yes!  So be it!

(Matthew 6:9-13, One New Man Bible)

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