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One of the amazing things about getting older for me is how I now value history in a way I never have.  And it is always interesting what little spark will ignite another deep search into history for me.

The book, A Table in the Frontier, sprang from a simple desire I had to know the details of what happened during the Second Great Awakening in my own city.  That focused search broadened so quickly and all of the sudden I was starving to know any and all details from people who lived through it.  From there, it took on a life of its own and became a bound book, with more content that I ever would have dreamed about including.

Because I have researched, not only the Second Great Awakening, but also the First Great Awakening and many other revivals- both in America and in other parts of the world- it gave me a little of a perspective on what some of these moves of God had in common.

One of those in particular will be the foundation for this series of blog entries I will be posting under the title of Revelation-Revolution-Reformation-Revival.  It is found in the comparison of two men that I have come to admire:  Martin Luther and John Wesley.  From a casual observation, it does not seem that these two men had much in common, but oh my goodness, they do.

Both had a life-changing revelations.  Those led to revolutions that ignited fires in the  minds and hearts of others.  The revolutions brought dynamic multi-generational, multi-dimensional reformations that continue to reverberate even through this generation.  And those reformations, when people rediscover the reality of the core truths, continue to be the foundation for revivals and spiritual awakenings all over the world.

Each of these progressions began with one, single man.

Who says one person cannot make a difference?

Stay tuned for the more details in a blog called Martin Luther & John Wesley...

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