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Amazing Events and Astonishing First-Hand Accounts of the Second Great Awakening in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Book Description:

The 1790's were dark days in America.

Many people believed that society had decayed to the point that even God could not interrupt the rapid downhill spiral.

Immorality reigned supreme.  Murder and rape were prevalent.  Alcoholism was killing a vast number of people every year.  Profanity was commonplace.

There was even a location in America where criminals could go for sanctuary, free from the fear of facing justice.  Lawlessness was the order of the day.

Many were atheists, and in the lives of many others God was given no place.  Christians were persecuted and abused for their faith.

It was at this point that a company of individuals began to humble themselves to seek the face of God in covenanted prayer with a tenacity that would settle for nothing less than a mighty move of God.

That holy groundswell gave birth to an unprecedented event in America when Heaven touched Earth.  The rough, violent and irreligious frontier was then 'tamed by the Lamb of God'!

Each of the camp meetings culminated in a holy feast at the Table of the Lord.  They expected the very Presence of God to come and join them, and they were not disappointed.

Author's Bio:  Glenda Clark is a wife, a mother, and a woman in whose heart burns a desire for a genuine awakening in our day.  Habakkuk 3:2

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