Dream: The Glory of God

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Dream: The Glory of God

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I was somewhere walking outside when a man came up to me very excited and told me that if I wanted to see and experience the glory of God, I needed to hurry and go to a certain place. He was telling everyone he could get to listen to him the very same thing.

The place he sent us was like a gymnasium, with a very high ceiling. The man encouraged us to come inside and wait, saying that we would soon see the glory of the Lord settle on the place.

The people were not sitting (like in an organized service), but were standing and milling around just talking to each other in various groups. Most were strangers to each other.  The atmosphere was casual and light.

Suddenly, I heard an older man’s voice praying so forcefully that it caught my attention. I turned to see what was happening and watched as a gray headed man was facing the back of a young man as he prayed for him with a very loud voice and much determination.

As he prayed, a vapor (that looked a little like smoke) came out of his mouth. I wondered to myself if this could be the beginning of what we were all waiting for.

As the vapor rose from him, it grew in size and thickness until it resembled an enormous cumulous cloud (bright white and thick) hovering overhead. As I watched, dumbfounded, the cloud slowly moved to the opposite side of the room from me.  It lowered and enveloped all the people on that side of the room, young and old.  When it did, the people inside began to cry out in loud voices, as if in pain.

I looked at what was taking place and had a few moments of being tempted to leave to escape the same thing happening to me. But I stayed, because the desire to experience the glory of God was greater than my fear of the unknown.

Very soon the cloud began to move toward the section of the room where I was standing. I closed my eyes to try to prepare for what was coming next.  Even with them closed, the light was so intense it was like the shining of the sun as the cloud settled around me, and all the others on my side of the room.  Immediately, I felt what I can only attempt to describe as a gentle crushing (or pummeling) that was very uncomfortable- but not at all the pain I was anticipating.  I heard my own voice crying out in the same way the people across the room had.  Before I knew it, I began losing my strength.  It was simply being taken from me.  I collapsed to my knees as the process continued.

Before too long, the crushing sensation ceased and my voice changed from crying out, to expressions of worship. I searched my heart for words to express myself, but found only short, simple expressions such as, “Holy, Holy, Holy!” and “Bless You, God!”.  It was if all my words, along with all my strength had been removed from me- all but the most simple.  I wanted to be eloquent, but found I could not.  Even though my strength was completely gone, I still felt an urgency to speak what was in my heart in response to this visitation.

After an undetermined amount of time, the cloud lifted and dissipated. All over the room were people in various stages of recovery from the intensity of what had just happened.

I was not able to move at all for a long period of time. When some of my strength returned to my body, I began to crawl toward the others.


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