The Power of Words

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The Power of Words

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Have you ever noticed that when someone shares about something that the Lord has done in their lives, that others that hear those words experience the same breakthrough? What is shared may be the details of how a person was healed.  Somehow those words seem to open a door for others to experience healing themselves.  Apparently, that is more than mere coincidence.

“The word testimony in Hebrew is eduth. It also means precept or warning. It is derived from a word meaning witness, as in, one who gives evidence. That’s what a witness is supposed to do – to tell the truth. That word has a primitive root (Ayin-Vav-Daleth) meaning to return, to repeat, to do again.  If we look at this meaning it can show us that our experience of which we testify can influence others to imitate or copy us or even to be warned from doing a particular thing because of how it affected us.” (This information comes from this source: )

Why is it important to share what God has done in our lives as believers? Because people hear those words, even the speaker!  And those words, given first-hand, can build tremendous faith and open the door for the same thing to happen again.  And, another reason is to give God the glory for the mighty things we have personally seen Him do in our own lives.  Why would we keep that to ourselves?

Because I have some understanding on how powerful a shared testimony can be that was one of the most effective motivators I had to produce the book on the amazing move of God in the late 1790s and early 1800s. I included a huge amount of first-hand testimonies for that very purpose.  Some people don’t believe we can learn from the past, but when you think about it, the past includes an hour ago.  If God just miraculously healed a person of a terminal illness one hour ago, there is enormous power resting on that testimony!  And the truth is, there is enormous power resting on any testimony of what we have personally seen God do in our lives, if it was an hour ago or thirty years ago.

There are incidences where the awakening began in Kentucky and people from Tennessee traveled there to see what God was doing.  When they returned to their church, they simply began to share what they heard, and an amazing thing began to happen.  What God was doing in Kentucky was repeated in Tennessee even as they shared!

It was said that when Bishop Francis Asbury (leader of the budding Methodist church in America) would travel to visit gatherings of people, instead of a sermon he would simply read a testimony of what some people had witnessed God doing in another area, and the very same thing would happen even as he read the words!

But, an unshared testimony has zero power.  Zero.

Your testimony of how you came to know the Lord has power to open that door of salvation for someone else.

Your testimony of how God healed you has enormous power to open that door of healing for someone else.

How can God anoint our words if they are not spoken?

Why can’t we do both, share our first-hand experiences, and also the first-hand experiences of others from the distant past?

In the book, A Table in the Frontier, I shared as many testimonies as I could from those who witnessed that move of God with their own eyes.  If we want to see an awakening in our day, it may be wisdom to learn from those that have actually lived through one.  They know things from experience that we only know from reading about them.  If we are willing to be students, they can be our teachers and we can learn from them.  What did they do that welcomed the Presence of God?  What did they do to sustain it?  And what were the mistakes people made that caused it to come to an end?

They can open a door for us to experience a move of God in our generation so that we in turn can give first-hand testimony to others, maybe even in generations to come!

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