The Inordinate Elevation of Women

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The Inordinate Elevation of Women

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I am still reeling a bit from the huge Women's March in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, January 21st.   The images I saw on the news covering the event stunned me: what the speakers said, what the women who were interviewed said, the messages on the signs they were carrying- many of the words were both vile and disturbing.  How could this many people be so very deceived actually celebrating things that are shameful and disgusting?

And then, I remembered something that took place two days before.

On Thursday morning, January 19th, I was minding my own business while trying to scrub out the tub and clean the shower walls in our bathroom.  Suddenly I heard three clear words that made absolutely no sense to me, and seemed to come from nowhere.

"Too much estrogen".  Those words came with such clarity that I knew they were important.  To be completely honest, the very first visual image I had connected to the words were meetings at a church where all the people in attendance were female: like women's small group meetings and women's retreats.  Even though I am not a fan of such gatherings, they seem relatively harmless to me.

Later that day, I got a couple more words in addition to the first three.

"Too much estrogen is dangerous."  My mind went directly to the physical reality that inside a woman's body, an excess amount of a particular form of estrogen is not a good thing.  But even in the midst of my pondering, I knew that this information was not about physical estrogen, but it represented a kind of a metaphor for something else that I needed to understand.

The next thing I heard was "estrogen unopposed is not a good thing". 

Wow.  I had some knowledge of that statement in the context of a woman's body.  In order to keep the hormone known as estrogen in the proper levels in the body, it must be opposed (or kept in balance) by two other hormones:  progesterone and testosterone.

In the evening of that same day I was going to be participating in a time of personal prayer in a setting where others would be doing the same thing.  Normally, I would find a private place and begin to pray whatever was on my heart.  I found a comfortable place to sit on the carpet and began to be quiet and listen.  I was not actually surprised when what heard was a continuation of the message I had heard earlier in the day.  I was really pretty curious to understand this unusual concept and know more about why I was receiving it at this time.

Here is what I heard next:
"Too much estrogen can be deadly.  Estrogen unopposed can be very dangerous.  Look at how it works in a body.  There is a delicate balance.  Estrogen in the body is a substance- a hormone- whose purpose is to contribute to the health and well being of the body, but under certain conditions where the levels get too elevated and it can actually sabotage the body.  Estrogen is brought into balance by the correct amounts of other hormones in the body called testosterone (male hormone) and progesterone.  Without the presence of those last two hormones, estrogen actually feeds rebellious cells in secret.  What results from that imbalance is something that grows- empowered and nourished by estrogen- which can then present a real challenge to the overall health of the body."

In addition to this last paragraph, a type of a condition came to my mind.  Prostate cancer.  It is, of course, a condition exclusive to men.  I am just going to give this to you the way I got it.  If, I thought, what I was receiving had any validity, I would find that there was information indicating that the presence of prostate cancer had a connection with "too much estrogen".  I do know for a fact that both men and women have varying amounts of both estrogen and testosterone in their bodies, but what I didn't know is if an abundance of estrogen influences men in a negative way.  This would be my indicator that I was heading in the right direction.  As soon as I returned home, I researched estrogen in relation to prostate cancer.  I found studies that discovered that the presence of "too much estrogen" can be harmful to men and does indeed play a role in that condition.  From that I knew I was tracking on something important.

Long story short- whatever cautionary message I was receiving had the potential to negatively impact not only women, but also men.  Interesting.

"Thanks for the science lesson", some may say, but what in the cat hair does this have to do with anything?  What does the message I received of "too much estrogen" represent and why is it important?   I am glad you asked.

Ok, I am going to narrow the focus on the topic of this blog to a sub-group of people:  believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am not- in this particular blog- going to pursue (although I would certainly love to) what appears to me to be a speeding vehicle in our general society that is careening out of control labeled feminism (which appears to have almost nothing in common with being feminine).  In my day, I have seen a progression from women's rights to radical feminism (which by the way has nothing to do with being radically feminine) to what I now would identify as militant feminism (which is certainly militant).  Here is a direct quote from the Women's March to prove my point- "It is about you going home after today and standing up and fighting in our communities!"  Really?  Sounds pretty militant to me.  But, I digress...

It is my opinion that something of this movement and mindset (which is actually ancient in origin) has both infiltrated and found a comfortable place inside the Church at large.  If you don't believe it, listen for how gingerly any issues relating to women are handled.  (Hell has no fury, yadda, yadda, yadda...)  

"If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody going to be happy."   "Happy wife, happy life."  What these statements imply is that everyone better be really careful how they relate to that explosive woman, tiptoeing around her to make sure she has everything going her way...or else!  That is called control.  Pure and simple.  And, it is ugly.

What does it look like when this is in operation?  The role of men is trivialized.  Whether it is spoken or unspoken, it is understood that women are superior to men.  Women can be inordinately elevated to a level akin to worship (not to be confused with treasured) where men are virtually expected to bow down to them.  Men are treated as incompetent and helpless.  They must be manipulated and dominated (reportedly for their own good) to accomplish what needs to be done even if it has to happen covertly without them even knowing it.  The end supposedly justifies the means.  But, what good can come from any dynamic where men are devalued?  Much like abortion, the last place...the very last place this crazy scenario should ever occur is in the lives of believers.

I don't know of painless way to say this:  wherever a woman is "empowered" to that degree, it opens the door for that woman to be oppressed by the enemy and, for a man in close proximity to be wounded in the process.  The enemy gets a two-for-one shot.  Two victims, no winners.

For the sake of both our men and women in the Church (not to mention our children), we should never, ever tolerate this kind of imbalance in the Body of Christ.  It is deadly!  In Christ, both men and women have their God-given roles, and when they relate to each other in a godly way (balancing each other) they contribute to the overall health of the Body.  But when they don't, a process can be activated that enables some bad things to grow in secret which can seriously threaten the overall health of the Body.


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