When Donkeys Talk

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When Donkeys Talk

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When donkeys begin talking (as in Numbers 22), it is time to listen! Why?  Because this may be an unusual indication that circumstances have reached the point that information must be given from a highly unlikely source, and conditions are very dire.  Most of the time you cannot receive information from a donkey.  They are pretty quiet as a general rule!  But when they <em>do</em> begin speaking, it is time to listen!

When God chooses someone that is absolutely the last person (or animal!) you would ever think of as likely to deliver such a message, it could be signaling that an important event may be very near. It may be a good thing.  It may be a bad thing.  It might be to deliver good news or bad news.  But whichever it is, it should command our attention.

That sums up how I have felt during the compiling, writing and publishing of the book, <em>A Table in the Frontier</em>.  No one knows as well as I how unlikely a candidate I am to undertake such a project.  If, even six months before I began writing the book, someone had told me I was going to write and publish a book, I would have thought they had taken leave of their senses.  But then, the impossible happened, and to tell you the truth, there is something very cool about it.  It is almost like when someone asks me about it, I have to remind myself that I wrote it.

I think the Nobel prize for literature is probably safe for now, but I wish to say that I certainly appreciate God’s willingness to use me. It was incredibly gut-wrenching process and an absolute blessing at the same time.  Many times information came to me in such a way that I could have never, ever orchestrated it.  For example, when I was in the midst of research, many times people donated very old books to the thrift store where I work and I was able to purchase them.  It almost happened so many times that when I thought of some historical information I would like to include in the project, I literally expected it to drop in my hands.  That made it feel less like my project, and more like a divinely orchestrated symphony that was playing without my help.  I learned to trust the process and expect the unexpected.  And every time I was rewarded with a piece of information I literally could not have found on my own, I had a little personal celebration!

It also gives me hope. God often uses the unlikely to do what seems impossible.  It also encourages me that when He has an important message, He does not always use the qualified, but the available.  I don't mind being unlikely.  I kind of like it.  It surprises people, and I think God gets the credit.

I thank God for the opportunity.   It has been a learning experience!  Most of all I pray that this little donkey will be willing to speak the words anytime God needs a mouth and a voice to say whatever He wants to say.

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