Writing the Book

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Writing the Book

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This has been a very interesting process!  I never intended to write a book.  I was only interested in finding the documentation on any camp meeting that was held in the late 1790s or early 1800s in Goodlettsville, the city where I live. After some investigation, I discovered that the Second Great Awakening began in southern Kentucky near what would become the border of Tennessee.

I jumped into that search with both feet, pursuing what my husband calls ‘my standard evolutionary process’ of seeking to know more about something that interests me.  I get so completely focused on finding more about the subject that I will spend hours and hours searching for it!  I am well acquainted with the Tennessee State Library Archives (still not having mastered the microfiche machines), the Nashville Public Library Archives and also the Sumner County Historical Archives.

What I discovered was a wealth of knowledge of both historical facts and personal testimonies of the events leading up to the Awakening, what took place during the Awakening and even the after effects of the Awakening.  It was much more than one book could contain.  I simply had narrow my focus to what I believed were the most important pieces of this giant puzzle so that the readers could get a taste of what happened during those times in both Kentucky and Tennessee.

Suffice it to say, I have much more information that I will be sharing and posting so that anyone who is interested can benefit from my research.

This is just the beginning of that process!

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