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Tom’s Soap Box: A Quote from Smith Wigglesworth

There are many things in life that you can not understand. But be patient, for when the hand of God is upon something, it may grind very slowly, but it will form the finest thing possible if you dare to wait until it is complete. — Smith Wigglesworth

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Sherlock’s Soap Box Entry

The very first Soap Box entry by Sherlock will go here!

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Fred’s Soap Box Entry

The very first Soap Box entry by Fred will go here!

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Don’s Soap Box Entry

The very first Soap Box entry by Don will go here!

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Al’s Soap Box Entry

The very first Soap Box entry by Al will go here!

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Painting by Beverly Dycus, www.bbdycus.com

The Good Shepherd

(Image is an original copyrighted painting by Beverly Dycus, www.bbdycus.com – used for this blog post with permission.) Lord, You are the door of the sheep. We enter Your sheepfold as individuals through You, the only door.  As we do, we find a place of safety.  Why?  Because You are the Good Shepherd.  Why do

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Images: Floral Wonder

Photographic Images by Glenda Joy Clark, Restore Wonder

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Dream: The Glory of God

I was somewhere walking outside when a man came up to me very excited and told me that if I wanted to see and experience the glory of God, I needed to hurry and go to a certain place. He was telling everyone he could get to listen to him the very same thing. The

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With Everything I Am

Every morning I want to repeat the same prayer.  ‘Lord, I want to love You with all of my heart.’  The first commandment is to love God.  If I get that one right, everything else will carefully move into place.  It is not just a conviction I have, but a deep desire that comes from

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Dream: Doing What I Can’t Do

I have this reoccurring dream.  The setting is always the same.  Sometimes there are parts of the event in the dream that change, but the opening scene is always the same. I am standing behind a curtain in the wings looking at a grand stage.  There is nothing on the stage except a very large

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The Heart of Nashville

I love this city. I was born near the heart of the city and it has always had a huge place in my heart. I cannot, even if I tried, estimate the enormous number of images I have taken of this city. I boggles my mind, and continually challenges my husband’s ability to supply enough

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Images: A Taste of Nashville

Photographic Images by Glenda Joy Clark, Restore Wonder

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The Power of Words

Have you ever noticed that when someone shares about something that the Lord has done in their lives, that others that hear those words experience the same breakthrough? What is shared may be the details of how a person was healed.  Somehow those words seem to open a door for others to experience healing themselves.  Apparently,

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Cloud 2

Writing the Book

This has been a very interesting process!  I never intended to write a book.  I was only interested in finding the documentation on any camp meeting that was held in the late 1790s or early 1800s in Goodlettsville, the city where I live. After some investigation, I discovered that the Second Great Awakening began in southern Kentucky

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Catalysts Arise!

I heard something when I was praying, but it is so far beyond my understanding. I mean I don’t comprehend exactly what I heard, so if I say the wrong thing, it is because I have no idea what I am talking about.  Earlier today, or yesterday I heard the word ‘catalyst’.  And, I heard

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Methodist Camp Meeting

First Blog: Hello World!

Greetings, Salutations & a Big Ol’ Howdy-do! This is my very first blog on my very first soapbox! It is my intention to add a diverse selection of entries into this blog.  Being a lover of words, I have already compiled a LOT of written words, not the least of which is the book, A Table

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